man and woman kissing together on body of water
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l. they were two of a kind
and totally captured
by the adventures they had shared and conquered

a pair
of rambunctious runaways
come from
some place before

he does recall
when she and he weren’t familiar
when the future was an ocean
and uncertain

swept away
by serendipitous sea
the circumstance of which
remains to be

these were things
we only chose to believe
because she had been lost
since his arrival

ll. the child
we called him

hers was unspoken
and resigned further west
where the sun sets
a great hollow rests

“should you seek truth
and should you find answers
you will follow its shadow
to an ending”

many days and many nights
the child voyaged further
to the end of the earth
to find her

at its end
there was a hollow

the child reconciled
with the brilliant aura of truth
“i know you,” it said
and then vanished again
III. what is youth to a creature who has never heard its own bones creak and shudder underneath the weight of this body’s gravity?

who has never been held accountable?

never indulged in those dubious spirits?

never felt growing pains?

never plucked a gray hair from its own head?

and he feels trapped
totally captured

he does recall the crest of those parting waves
broke upon the shores of what should be real

all at once
like a flood that tugs

wrinkles where his skin should be
wrought with loss
wracked with wrong

© 2019

Noun-the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence.

  • JD-“This creature must be compelled” about young love and the allegorical journey… the life and death of the spark that ignites the passion within others.

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