Discard Directly After Use

girl in field
Photo by Gustav Lundborg on Pexels.com


“you’re worthless”
creates shivers through my skin
crooked like conjecture
waived through crude gestures
with a certain word
leaving me unhinged

sordid and eroded
addicting deprivation
pervades this dampened prison
gleams and glistens
with absolute submission
the hand seldom clutched culls yours with derision

before it endures senseless beatings
ordeals given meaning
sleaze that deletes these trifling conniptions
pressed against leather and honest mistakes
slackens then
lapped like a mollusk
with prolonged lashes
its backbone demolished

it’s grotesque
the way her head dips back when i possess her
my predilection
becomes addiction
and i detest
this ache
it’s senseless
makes me obsessed with this
dampened prison

ember fireflies
solemn afterglow
sandman with perverse anatomy
become or succumb to pillory
either way these pipe dreams are poised to ruin me

i’m the candle burnt at both ends
your hysterics
sealed and waxed
never opened until now
don’t make me beg for anguish
neither cringe nor bow
to your will
won’t bend over backwards
to defend this
but all good things that have come to pass
burn and melt and vanish

we endlessly spiral this tangled pursuit
of joyless artifice and matters dissolute
mind no matters that pervert and pollute
purity; precious
but practically pointless
chastity; cheerless
indulgence absolute
her figure defective
her allegiances etched onto where joyless is joyous

but leaking pleasant hormones
reach another capstone
between cheek and collarbone
strained between a capstan
and threaded through her waistband
au jus
tiny breaths
creates shivers

naïve and bleached psyche
prison walls hug me tightly
fetishize unworldly being
knows what i mean but
know not me
symbolic gesture
an affectionate thing
unfortunately lacks
all semblance
of any true meaning

i’m in the darkest place
lying there beside you
i’m stranded on your perfect face
you laugh
“i hate you”

verb –attack or ridicule publicly. 

noun- A wooden framework with holes for the head and hands, in which an offender was imprisoned and exposed to public abuse. 

JD-Jurado- It’s about keeping distance within intimate relationships.


© JD Jurado 2019 all rights reserved.


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