No Secret

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i tried taking my face off today
and i guess nobody wanted to see the real me
they kept telling me to put it back on
but i’ve been pent up for too long
i need to relieve something

i tried making friends with my demons
they didn’t want anything to do with me
they’d rather wait for my mask to fall off
and i don’t know what that means for me

i found out what they meant about me
all the things i shouldn’t know
all the things i should’ve known

it’s too late to change direction
it’s too late to realign now

why don’t you just take my goddamn face off?


JD Jurado-  “No secret” is based on a feeling of imposter syndrome and the lingering feeling of paranoia that everyone knows.


JD Jurado © 2019 all rights reserved

#poems #poetry #writers #creativewriting

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