lamprey eel like fish


i’ve brushed shoulders
with sketches
clearly outlined
bolder than me
i’m scared
by my rough drafts
when they drag on, THEY SMEAR AND THEY BLEED

 bitch in sheep’s clothing
chew-toy plaything
calloused, slick, defiant and mean
like a scapegoat queen
always listening
useful leech, strange remedy

bite me, lamprey
with your teeth
suck the poison out like HONEY
leave your hickeys on my feet
blot your skin

 symbiotic, symptomatic
surly, slovenly sincere
and surely steadfast
untapped, unharnessed
enigmatic, articulate fiend

bloody bistro
cistern chapel
lyrics consume
with vampiric greed

make monotony
mean something
every pair you make is LOVELY
like a simile given wings
snarky facsimile gives me COMPANY

i’m scared
by final drafts
when they’re finished, they forget about me


JD Jurado- “Host” is about finishing things only to be done with them.

lam-prey noun
Ancient extant lineage of jawless fish . May be characterized by a toothed, funnel-like, sucking mouth with horny teeth and a rasping tongue.


© JD Jurado all rights reserved 2019


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