Burn For Something More, You Ignominous Nobodies

poetry relationships
Photo by Tamba Budiarsana on Pexels.com

score to one
nothing done
picturing me but with all my teeth gone
no offense
chasing grits
chance every encounter
when you get my half

latter end
no defense
took me forever to get it down
no escape
credence relinquished
but all this is okay

only me
but mostly you
chewing me out
i lost the privilege to reason
when you broke me down

all of this
stupid shit
come leaking out
my ear to your chest
heart beat arrests to rhythm of sex

all of this
stupid shit
wrote it down
made me frown

come to me
i took it for granted
then started to panic
but i always had it

next time it’s aggressive
it’s passive
move up on me
but baby i’m past it
baby i’m on it
maybe i’m gone then
took hostage for ransom
my baby is handsome
my hands are the cancer
i took you for taken

i’m always impatient
i’m always deranged
i’m always the same then
stay away
i’m okay
at least for now
let me down

if you’re onto me
that’s a possibly
so stay off of me
please stay off of me
if you’re onto me
then stay nothing please
then subsist on me
then act modestly
be a prodigy
be a mockery
all the same to me
maybe honestly
it’s disharmony
always swallows me
if i’m wholly me
aren’t you full of me?

can i be reprieve?
cannot be reprieve
if you’re on your knees
keep a part and leave

you’re so far
above my pay grade
but i’ll say you’ve left an impression
i’ll stay
if not for long then
another reason
that we’ll agree on

JD-Jurado This poem is about learning when to stay and when to leave.

1.deserving or causing public disgrace or shame.
“no other party risked ignominious defeat”


JD-Jurado © all rights reserved 2020

#poems #poetry #life #transformationsTuedays

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